5 Types Of Men You Shouldn’t Marry, And Those You Should

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Marriage, if you think about it, is crazy. The idea of spending the rest of your life with one person is as insane as it’s beautiful. The person you marry is undoubtedly the biggest decision you’ll ever make, and it’s one you definitely don’t want to mess up. These are the five types of men that are okay to date but maybe not to marry.

1. Don’t Marry The Man Whose Favourite Place To Hang Out Has Always Been The Club Or Bar. It was a ton of fun when you were both 20 but now it’s getting a bit old. He hasn’t grown out of his immaturity and hedonistic lifestyle. You know that he’d never choose a night in with you over a wild, late night out with a gigantic group of kind-of-friends.

Marry The Man Who Has Balance – The One Who’s Willing To Grow Up With You.

2. Don’t Marry The Man Who Brings Up Marriage Every Now And Again Just To Keep You Around. You’ve been together for an eternity and you assume the two of you will eventually get married because every so often he makes a comment about it. The only problem is he’s been saying it for ages with no indication of when it’s happening, even though he knows it’s what you really want.

Marry The Man Who You Know Isn’t Just Saying These Things – The One Who Has Long-Term Goals That Include You.

3. Don’t Marry The Man Who Never Seems To Stick Up For You. You need to feel like the person you’re spending the rest of your life with has your back. After all, it’s about support. Whenever you try to open up to him about problems, he makes you feel like you’re the one doing something wrong or reacting badly. If you’re not getting support from him as a boyfriend, you won’t get it from him as a husband.

Marry The Man Who Validates Your Feelings And Won’t Allow Anyone To Make You Feel Bad About Yourself.

4. Don’t Marry The Man Who’s Nicer About Other People Than He Is About You.You have a list of about 10 000 women you know he wants to have sex with (because he’s told you), but you still have no idea if he thinks you’re beautiful. He has no problem dishing out compliments and being kind – to everyone but you. He expects you to ‘know’, and won’t allow you the satisfaction of hearing it from him, and nobody is that secure.

Marry The Man Who Tells You What He Loves About You Because Occasionally You’d Like To Hear It.

5. Don’t Marry The Man Who Tells You He ‘Fears Commitment’. It’s a terrible idea to marry the man who tells you flat out he doesn’t want marriage. It’s not up to you to change the type of person he is, and it’s a dangerous game to make that your mission.

Marry The Man Who Knows Without A Doubt He Wants You – Forever.

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