A Word Of Advice To Igbo Members Of The APC!

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Some Igbo members of the APC have unrealistic expectations of their party ceding either the Senate Presidency or the Speakership of the House of Representatives to the Southeast. That will never happen, and such unrealistic expectations have a way of ending as ashes in the mouth.

Buharism negates the very idea of equity. The most the Igbo will get in the Senate under the APC is deputy chief whip. Igbo APC members will achieve tremendous peace of mind, like I have, the day they finally realize that the APC runs on the fuel of ethnic hate and zealotry, and that its Igbo members like Okorocha are for now expendable.

In 2023, when the owners of the APC re – calibrate their strategy, brutally deny the southwest the presidency by either extending Buhari’s presidency or anointing another core northerner to succeed him, the APC will then be shopping for new allies to replace the southwest. It is only then that the southeast will matter to the APC. But then, the southeast will still have the southsouth to contend with in the battle for the master’s affection! Mark my words.

Kenneth Ikonne

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