Akirika-Obu: An Abia Community With Deplorable School Building, No Light, No Water

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“We Are Really Suffering” — Residents Cry For Help

Akirika-Obu Ndoki is a community in Ukwa Local Government Area of Abia State.

For more than 20 years, the community of Abia, which shares its border with Akwa-Ibom State, has had no light, no access road, no good drinking water.

Most disturbing is the deplorable state of the school built by the government of Abia State. 95% of parents who cannot afford to send their children to study in the neighboring community where there are private schools, have no choice but to send them to the deplorable school block built there years by the government, or allow them stay at home.

A walk round the school which have seven rooms with no windows, no doors, and rotten roof, revealed the miserable life people in the community are forced to live.

“About 75% of the children in this community don’t go to school because of the bad condition of the school.

“As for water, here we buy water from people who have borehole in their compound. Even the only one government opened for us years ago, we find it non accessible because sometimes it don’t function.

“We are no longer complaining of light because we are tired. We don’t even have electric poles talk more of light. We are really suffering here, and we pray that government will one day remember us and do something about it,” Mrs Glory said.

A communal war between Akirika-Obu Ndoki community and invaders from the neighbouring communities in Akwa-Ibom State also contributed to the massive poverty and deplorable condition of the Abia community.

After the communal war, the government had promised relief materials and infrastructure to the community, but to date, no relief materials, no infrastructure and government presence is not visible in the community.

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