All You Need To Know As Big Brother Naija Season 5 Start Tomorrow

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The fifth season of Big Brother Naija is just around the corner and just as last season had a lot of characteristic drama and intrigue, Silverscreen can safely say that the fifth season will be all that and even more. Here are five reasons Nigerians will absolutely love the fifth season:

The Relationships: Get ready for the hook-ups, the love triangles, the various relationship dynamics, friends who become foes and many more! It is always an interesting watch as you never know what to expect from the Big Brother Naija contestants.

The Alliances and Backstabbing: One of the most difficult parts of being a Big Brother contestant is trying to figure out who to get close to and who wants to use the information you’ve given them against you. We expect to see contestants team up to form alliances hoping to get them closer to the jackpot, only to find that they’re being played. While team members often turn their back on one another, we have also witnessed alliances who have continued their friendship even after the competition.

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The New Faces: One of the beautiful things about Big Brother Naija is the talent discovery and our introduction to new faces we have almost or never encountered. These new faces will grace our screens for the coming months, entertaining and giving us full access to their lives.

New Twists: With the COVID-19 pandemic brings some new kind of adventure and we know that Nigerians are curious to know what is in store and just how the game will be played this year. The show might like to take on new twists, as we know how much Big Brother loves a good suspense and intrigue.

Stay Home and Get Entertained 24/7: Nigerians will love this edition because they never have to miss a thing this season! As you stay home, know that the 24-hour Big Brother Naija channel is available to you, so get ready to be entertained.

The Big Brother Naija show will return to screens on Sunday, July 19, and a new crop of celebrities will be born.

Given the prevalence of the COVID-19 pandemic, MultiChoice Nigeria has assured viewers that global best practices, precautions and preventive measures will be followed throughout the show.

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