Between The Quest For Biafra And The Igbo Presidency

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Before now, in every political arena, be it online or offline, what you will be hearing is that Ndi Igbo will never become President. They use it to taunt Ndi Igbo. Every Igbo man feels it when those of them from the North brags about these things. They make you feel rejected and helpless, like a slave in a nation that ought to also belong to you.

The taunting continued until IPOB emerged. Nnamdi Kanu continued educating Biafrans and exposing to Biafrans and Ndi Igbo in particular that Nigeria doesn’t belong to them as a people. Within a short time, Ndi Igbo both old and small started rejecting Nigeria and canvassing passionately for Biafra. To show how serious they are, people have gladly given their lives for Biafra. Even women and nursing mothers have been arrested and thrown into Nigeria prisons for standing for Biafra. Young Biafra men stood firm in front of Nigeria armored killer vehicles demanding for their right to self determination and peaceful protest. In Afaraukwu Ibeku, right inside Mazi Nnamdi Kanu’s house, they rained bullets killing 28 men and a woman. They didn’t even spare the pet dog in the family. The North rejoiced.

Now it has become clear to them that Ndi Igbo are seriously going for Biafra, they are now throwing Igbo presidency in the face of Ndi Igbo. Suddenly, the same northerners that have been bragging that Ndi Igbo will never become President are the ones cautioning Ndi Igbo not to allow the question for Biafra deny them Igbo presidency. They now want to give you Nigeria presidency. The ultimate question that is begging for an answer is. When did the North start caring for Ndi Igbo, to the extent that they want to give you Nigeria presidency?

Ohaneze Ndi Igbo has started telling Ndi Igbo how it is easy to get Nigeria president. Exactly how they all became Atikulated. It became easy to become Atikulated, yet they never succeeded in enthroning Atiku over another Fulani man. Now they are telling us how an Igbo man can become President. They are all out to frustrate the Biafra struggle. They want to capitalize on the difficulties of restoring Biafra. Not as if anyone has ever said that Biafra restoration will be easy.

It is on record that WE THE PEOPLE don’t want NIGERIA PRESIDENCY. What we want is BIAFRA and nothing else. Ohaneze Ndi Igbo can go for Igbo presidency, like they all became Atikulated in 2019, but I assure them that nothing will come out of it.
I know that soonest, most Facebook influencers online will start blackmailing IPOB, and writing to confuse the people about how PVC will give them Igbo Presidency. But the truth is that they all will be disappointed.

Nigeria belongs to the Fulani man, and not you as an Igbo man. They have finished using the Yoruba people against the South. Now is your turn to be used. But WE THE PEOPLE WON’T ALLOW IT. NEVER!

Article Written by Elochukwu Nicholas Ohaji

(for Family Writers Press International)

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