Biafra: I Considered Britain The Greatest Betrayer — Ojukwu [said in 2006 interview]

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Lieutenant-Colonel Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu, the then Military Governor of Eastern Nigeria who led the Biafra-Nigeria civil war, said that Britain betrayed him before, during and after the war.

Speaking to Saturday Sun Newspaper on 2 May 2006, Ojukwu said:

“Ndigbo, as far as I’m concerned came out of this war, each one, everyone that came out, a hero. Because no matter what calculations we made, no Igboman, faced with that situation could justifiably have survived, but we survived. 

Now the question is, did I feel betrayed? Of course, I felt betrayed. I didn’t know Britain could lie as much as they did.

But then, you see, I didn’t know foreign policy that well. I thought to a large extent that the main thing would be to explain our positions and once they saw the truth, they would stand by it, but no! I considered it a betrayal.

I considered Britain the biggest betrayer of the whole period because actually, my education was, I should be very British African. And everything I did, I found out that despite everything that the British imparted into me, those were the things that ached them most about me.

I have no right to be British. I was a native, and that’s the way it went. Very often I say to people, always remember that part of my upbringing was how to reach or keep the bridge. I have always wanted to keep the bridge, for my people too.”

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