BREAKING: Seven Soldiers Killed, 3 Injured In A Gun Battle At Border

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Seven Azerbaijani soldiers, including one major general, have been martyred in border clashes with Armenian troops, Azerbaijan’s Defense Ministry said on Tuesday.

Kerim Veliyev, deputy defense minister, said many Armenian army military vehicles and positions have been destroyed in two days of clashes.

Veliyev said that nearly 100 Armenian soldiers have been killed over that period, in addition to Azerbaijan army martyrs, including Maj. Gen. Polad Hesimov and Col. Ilgar Mirzeyev.

The ministry also released new aerial images of the attacks on Armenian positions.

Separately, an elderly man was killed in the northwestern Tovuz province by Armenia, according to Azerbaijan’s Foreign Ministry.

Aziz Azizov (76) lost his life when Armenian troops opened fire into the border village of Agdam in Tovuz, said the ministry.

On Sunday, four Azerbaijani soldiers were martyred and three others injured when Armenian forces violated a cease-fire and targeted positions of Azerbaijan’s army in Tovuz.

Turkish officials have condemned the Armenian attacks, calling them “unacceptable” and saying it will always stand with Azerbaijan.

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