Buhari Impostor: US Legal Practitioners, Human Rights Group Writes To UN

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AMERICA— A group of legal practitioners and an international human rights organization, International Advocates for Peace and Justice (IAPJ), have written to the United Nations on the subject of an alleged impostor in the Nigerian government.

This followed as Nnamdi Kanu, the leader of the indigenous peoples of Biafra, IPOB, insists that an impostor from Sudan presides over Nigeria’s affairs as President Muhammadu Buhari, whom he said died in 2017 at the London hospital.

In a letter written to the United Nations, the group demanded an investigation on the issue, which they say, should not be overlooked because it is very sensitive.

In the letter signed by the group’s president, Kelvin Bill, the group accused the African Union (AU) of complicity and said that the AU ignores and treats in a soft manner, the crimes committed by the government of some African countries.

“The reports of a presumed impostor handling the affairs of the country is worrisome, one must investigate to clarify the doubts that the person in question is the real President Muhammadu Buhari”

“As the biggest African country, if something goes wrong in Nigeria, the possibility that it affects other African countries is 70 percent, this should not be allowed.”

“While we carry out investigations within the limits of our power, we demand that the United Nations also conduct an investigation to help solve the problem,” part of the letter reads.

  1. Uchanna says

    This is a good move, if UN still believe that they are truly UN, this must be done before 2019 Nigeria election or UN should be ready to face the trouble it will cause !

  2. Ikechi Cosmas says

    That’s the beginning.

  3. Stanley Ofulue says

    Shame to our NBA, Journalists and other Civil Society Organizations, they cannot investigate a sensitive issue of this magnitude. People from another clime are more concerned than the citizens.
    Shame once again!

  4. Adaobi says

    Our priest asked last Sunday difference between happiness and pleasure I stood up and told him happiness come from nothing but pleasure comes from something .

    Why am I saying this my happiness from nothing just joy from no where inside of me but it gives me pleasure to address issues from people’s ignorance that is all .

  5. Onyeka says

    The National Assembly in Nigeria are useless and shamless,selfish and rogues who are only interested in their personal pocket and their political parties.They have no love for Nigeria.They protect their own selfish interest than the interest of the people the represent.How can they keep quiet on a sensitive issue like this.Those of them from APC are more interested in protecting their party than Nigeria.To them,it does not matter wether it is Buhari or Jubril so long as it is APC led government.

  6. Ewaen Joel Iyoha says

    Investigation to this allegation must urgently carried out before February 2019 because in every rumour there is an element of truth. Therefore, it is expedient that the United Nations play her leadership role in ensuring justice and fairness to Nigerians.

  7. EREMA Iyoyo diamond says

    in Nigeria, we have senate president and speaker of house of representatives, ministers, senior advocate of Nigeria (San), pastors of different categories, civil society organizations, human rights activists, ex-presidents etc. A former lawmaker from UK stood and said if his points are untrue federal government of Nigeria should sue him to court. These class of persons cannot challenge the current events in the country. United Nations since you have opened up the chapter of Biafran freedom, do it fast to avoid untimely incident because delay may be dangerous.

  8. onyia saint Calistus says

    I think this is the time for African leaders to rise and prove them selves potency in solving some issues that may affect the future of African continent.This is not fair at all.

  9. John Christotle says

    Issues like this should indeed be taken serious… i believe God has final answered the prayers of the believers who cried to Him tirelessly in 2018. This is indeed a divine move.

  10. Sylvan .j says

    UN should act fast on this issue because we have fooled alot by so called apc, pdp and all nigeria goverment officials in all angle. so i am here to say that enough is enough, the crime parading here in nigeria is too much and it has to put to an end before 2019 election or else things will go out of hand.

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