Buhari Thinks Coronavirus Is A PDP Thing: That’s Why He’s Keeping Entry Points Open

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Wealthier, more advanced economies are shutting down. African countries are shutting down. Buhari and his APC government seem to think that COVID-19 is a PDP thing. They are keeping entry points into Nigeria wide open. Perhaps they think their retinue of security details can kill the virus with their guns, or that their sirens can drive the virus away same way they drive is away from the roads. They think the virus is ASUU or ASUP they can dribble with fake commitment.

Now the 3rd confirmed case in Lagos is already replicating beyond imagination. I just read that the young woman’s sibblings have also tested positive. These ones have been going to schools, churches and markets. They’ve been going to playgrounds and have been meeting with their friends.

I understand Nigeria has only 5 test centres, and virtually no care facilities for patients.

Lagos has more than 11 million people cramped into its small space. Every inch of land in Lagos is perenially crowded. Every second human traffic is feeding into Lagos from all over the country just as droves of people are departing Lagos for every single village in this country. I can’t believe that this government is this stupid.

Even ISIS has stopped her members from carrying out terrorism in affected countries. But here we are with our ministers coming on air daily to insist that entry points into the nation must remain open. That our children will continue to stay in overcrowded schools where hygiene is as alien as good food. As if the scourge understands their ego.

Presidents of other countries address their citizens intermittently concerning the PANDEMIC. Our own President prefers to address fun seekers at Argungu and couldn’t even go to Lagos where a huge explosion suspected to be a bomb blast claimed lives and destroyed properties of his citizens.
I am thoroughly FED UP!

By Chibuzor Asomugha (Former National President, Academic Staff Union of Polytechnics, ASUP)

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