Cabal Funneling Oil Money To Secret Fulani Fund Incase Nigeria Disintegrate — Kanu

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The leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra, Mazi Nnamdi, has alleged that money gotten from crude oil sales in Nigeria are being funneled by cabal to a “SUPER-SECRET Fulani Fund to sustain a FULANI nation” in case Nigeria Disintegrate.

Kanu, made this known in a tweet on Sunday.

The IPOB leader said; “Ever wondered why the evil Cabal @NGRPresident appoints ONLY extremist Fulanis to juicy positions in Nigeria?

“Well, wonder no more! It’s because they’re funneling your OIL money to a SUPER-SECRET Fulani Fund to sustain a FULANI nation in the event of disintegration of the Zoo”.

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