Congratulations Sanusi Lamido Sanusi!

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I’m very happy for you, and any other person that shares same ideology with you, for being free from the ‘Brain Box’ you were put-in in the name of Emir of Kano, even though you really liked it.

I called the Emirship as a ‘Brain Box’ not to belittle the throne but rather by considering the fact that the emirs were constitutionally made answerable to the governors, I think even a commissioner for that matter, thereby limiting the number of contributions that they can offer to the society to only things that, most of the times, sweetens the egocentric and selfish hearts of the Governors.

Since the most precious thing to Sanusi, at least to the believe of the Gandujes, is now gone, I now see him as a person free of vested-interest’s threat and harm, someone that can now freely answer the call for better opportunities that can give him the benefit of actualizing his dream of a Better, more prosperous and a stable North, Nigeria, Africa by extension and the world as whole.

Sanusi might have gone as an Emir, but Sanusi is also back as a selfless Right Activist, an advocate of Education for all, Good governance, Child Education, Freedom and also a fighter against child abuse and child abandonment.

Welcome Back Malam Sanusi Lamido Sanusi.

Written by: Aminu Bishir

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