Coronavirus Cases In Israel Rises To 883

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Only half of the 36 patients who recovered from the disease were treated in hospitals, Health Ministry says

The number of COVID-19 coronavirus infections in Israel has risen to 883 as of 11:00 local time, or 05:00 EST, the Health Ministry announced Saturday, adding almost 180 new cases since Friday, i24News reports.

Among those is Israel’s first fatality, an 88-year-old man who died to the disease on Friday. Fifteen patients are said to be in a serious condition, 19 are moderately ill, and 36 have been able to recover from the ailment.

The rest are said to be in a mild condition, experiencing either a lack of symptoms or only minor ones.

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Only 247 of those confirmed to have contracted the virus have been hospitalized, the Ministry of Health revealed, with the rest quarantined at home or in hotels for the time being.

Out of those recovered, only half were treated in a hospital, Health Ministry said.

Earlier, on Thursday, Israel’s caretaker Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu announced a seven-day state of emergency, with Israelis ordered to avoid any non-essential travels.

Netanyahu said the measures were necessary as not enough citizens heeded the non-binding requests issued by the authorities earlier.

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