Coronavirus: Kanu Urges IPOB Members To Adhere To Precautionary Measures

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Leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) Nnamdi Kanu has urged the people of the South East zone to adhere strictly to the precautionary measures aimed at curtailing the spread of the virus.

In a statement by the group’s media aide, he warned that the virus was real, as he called for strict adherence to the warnings by the World Health Organisation (WHO).

“You are all aware of the ravaging effects of this damnable virus and the deaths and suffering it has brought to many nations. You are also aware that the World Health Organization has declared it a pandemic, which demands that everybody must observe our long-cherished Hebraic/Biafran tradition of high personal hygiene and social-distancing to stem the spread of the virus. I am personally impressed with the high level of compliance with social-distancing and other precautionary measures all serious and vulnerable nations have embarked on. I worry about Biafrans everywhere, especially those trapped within the geographical space called Nigeria.

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“To this end, I direct all members of the Indigenous People of Biafra everywhere in the world, including particularly the geographical space called Nigeria, to take matters into their own hand and protect themselves, their loved ones and the general public. What you must do is to be vigilant to the medical advice issuing from medical professionals, including particularly the World Health Organisation. To be sure, you must immediately embark on all measures that enhance your personal hygiene.

“Begin your social-distancing now by withdrawing your children and wards from  schools. Do not attend the church or the Synagogue for now. Avoid unnecessary travel, except if the purpose is to distance yourself from high infected areas. This is a once in a 100 year event. Pandemics of this magnitude has been part and parcel of human existence since the beginning of time. In holy books, it is commonly referred to as a plague. Do not dismiss what is going around the world as a hoax as some conspiracy theorists would have us believe.

“Above all, trust in yourself and medical professionals, while abiding in the faith that Elohim, the Most High will surely and ultimately hearken to the supplications of his faithful by showing us the most effective solution to this virus.” Kanu advised.”

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