FACT-CHECK: Did Asari Receive And Embezzle IPOBʼs N20m?

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What seems like more evidence has continued to emerge proving that the self-styled Niger Delta revolutionary Alhaji Mujahid Asari-Dokubo, received 20 million naira from Mazi Nnamdi Kanu the leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra, despite the claim that he received non.

Kanu had on Saturday, revealed that Asari “stole” a special IPOB Defence Fund given to him to support Niger Delta Avengers and IPOB men to secure the old eastern region against invading terrorists.

This have met several reactions even Asari who thought it was going to end well denied the allegation and swore with a book titled ʼThe Meaning Of The Holy Qur’anʼ instead of a Koran which Kanu asked him to swear with.


Aiden Dillion, an IPOB member who seems to know much about the issue, wrote on Facebook;


  1. Can you see yourself in that picture? Is the picture real? This was the meeting you arranged with Nnamdi Kanu that took place in your mansion in Cotonou with IPOB officers from all over the world present. Yes or no?
  2. It was a strategic meeting meant to unite all Biafrans. Yes or no?
  3. Did you table a bill of 10Million Dollars or not?
  4. Did you Asari Dokubo receive any money from Uchenna Asiegbu Omiomio or not?

One day you will tell the truth, you Uchenna Asiegbu Omiomio and Clifford Iroanya. None of you paid Defence Fund but you are all fixated on Defence Fund of $140,000 only. Poor wretched souls.

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