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Fulani herders blocks Asaba highway, say ‘No Ruga no Nigeria’


Fulani herders have blocked Agbor Asaba highway in Delta state, in protest of the suspension of the proposed nationwide Ruga project by the federal government of Nigeria.

The herders blocked the commercial highway with trucks loaded with cattle, which restricted movements.

“No Ruga no Nigeria,” the herders say as they protest.

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  1. did army people see them if is ipob nw there will start arrest
    un,au,eu.icc&ecowas se what is going on nw


    By: Frank Osimi

    Article written and first published February 10, 2018

    Currently, Nigeria under Buhari is like a moving car with a device showing red sign (what we call “danger” in our local parlance) to the driver, that the car engine is damaged and about to get knocked.

    The South and Christian Middle Belt do agree that grave danger is about to befall the car we are all occupants/passengers in, so we must stop driving now and replace the damaged engine urgently with a new and high quality engine, so the car can convey us all to our destination with a view to achieving our collective good as human beings with individual and collective goals and objectives in life, before it is too late.

    On the contrary, the Fulani North and their Islamic allies in the core North: the Kanuri, Hausa, Shua Arab and others; enjoying material and financial support from the Arab and Islamic world, who want Nigeria Islamized, do know that the car engine will get knocked very soon except we stopped and got a new engine for the car, yet; they pretend that all is well and then used a hammer to hit and destroy the device that is showing “red sign” or “danger”, so as not to SEE it again; then continue to drive the car as if all was well, provided they continue to occupy key governmental, economic and security positions at the expense of merit, practical competence and academic qualifications; reap from where they did not sow while their Islamic foot soldiers and jihadists continue to carry out mass slaughter of Christian Middle Beltans and Southerners, in the name of “cattle rearing and grazing rights for Fulani cattle herders”.

    To the Fulani North, the “red sign” or sign of “danger” being displayed by the car device to the driver, is an “irritant” that should be ignored or crushed with whatever means available to them.

    The critical questions are:

    How long can the Fulani North drive this car (Nigeria) with a damage engined that is about to get knocked?

    Can they overran the Christian Middle Belt and South and impose radical Fulani Islamic and Sharia rule where Southerners and Christian Middle Beltans would be “subjects” and “slaves’ in the hands of their Fulani “masters” and “overlords”.

    The Fulani said they have:

    “invited their kinsmen from West Africa to help them conquer and take over Nigeria, the only country God gave them dominion over”.

    Have the Fulani also thought that their attempt to “conquer South and Middle Belt” and impose Fulani Islamic and Sharia rule on the people could also mean the last straw that could break the camel’s back as far as Nigeria’s continued existence as a ‘sovereign’, ‘indivisible’ and ‘indissoluble’ state is concerned?

    I see an imminent implosion and explosion that Nigeria will NOT survive!

    I CAN NOT end this short piece without reproducing the words of late Chief Odumegwu Ojukwu, the Ikemba of Nnewi, who saw what is about to before Nigeria over fifty years ago, in January 1967 but many called him a “rebel” and “dissident”:

    According to the Great Ikemba, 1967:

    “Let us live slightly apart from each other and survive rather than collide {in the name of One Nigeria} and perish in the collision”.

    Close to three million persons, mostly Igbo, were murdered and starved to death by the then government of Gowon who stated then that:

    “food is a legitimate weapon of war and my government will use it”.

    The fact that hundreds of thousands of Southerners have been murdered since the end of the war by those Gowon fought in the name of ‘One Nigeria’ and the fact that same people he fought for are now murdering his own people in the Middle Belt and North Central on a daily basis with impunity (while Gowon has lost his voice to speak out against injustice and unending killing in his Middle Belt), means that the war he ‘fought’ for ‘national unity’ could NOT restore unity, love; justice, mutual respect, value for human life, ideal federalism, equity and equality in Nigeria.

    I end this short treatise by asking these critical and salient question:

    How long can the ‘custodians’ of ‘One Nigeria continue to use the blood of Christian Middle Beltans and Southerners to burn the engine of the geographical space called Nigeria in the name of ‘national unity’?

    As if those who were murdered and starved to death during the genocidal war and those that have been murdered in various religious and political killings carried out in the core North by the ‘custodians’ of ‘One Nigeria’ in the past five decades since the war ended, and those that are being murdered now in the Middle Belt and South are not enough, is Ojukwu’s warning in 1967 that we should:

    “live slightly apart from each other and survive rather than collide and perish in the collision” about to come to pass in a monumental and disastrous proportion, more than we have seen and experienced for over 50 years?

    I say God forbid and call on Southerners and Christian Middle Beltans to URGENTLY go into a strong and strategic military and economic alliance to counter and finally defeat the grave danger facing us and prevent it from destroying us.

    May all those who practice and execute mass murder and destruction of human lives and civilization REAP BOUNTIFULLY death, horror; terror, sorrow, pains and destruction and other concomitant dire consequences of destruction of human lives and civilization for centuries to come, AMEN!

    Article written on February 10, 2018.

  3. These uncircumcised disgusted evil Fulani that defiled themselves by having unethical affairs with their beast cattle are poking on us with impunity. We do not want beast ritualistic evil people that drink the blood of animals and have passion of killing human being and above all have sex with animals in our land. People that use animals destroy planted crops are evil and are abominable less human and vicious murderous Fulani people are beast, not wanted in our indigenous land. Let them go to sambisa forest of noman’s land. Oil and water never mix. Fulanis are evil and worst than demonized race and very cancerous are not wanted to mingle with Godly people.

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