Government-induced poverty: Global survey ranks Nigeria 1st worldwide

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A new survey has ranked Nigeria first among countries with a high government-induced poverty rate.

The survey by a non-governmental organization of the United States of America known as Fairness International (FI), reports that Nigeria has the highest poverty rate induced by the government, considering economic policies, taxes and looting by government officials.

After Nigeria took the top position, other countries included in the list include – South Sudan, Cameroon, Libya and many more.

The report also revealed that between 2015 and 2019, the poverty rate in Nigeria has increased by 60%. In Cameroon, the neighboring country of Nigeria, it increased by 25%.

“If nothing serious is done to remedy this, by 2020, there will be much increase in the poverty rate in these countries and in others that are moving in the same direction,” the group warns.

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