How Eze Kingsley From Imo State Won NCO Of Quarter Award In U.S Army

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27th of July 2019, was another happy day that opened an additional spectacular page for Eze Kingsley who is presently serving in the United States of America Army. Eze Kingsley who is an Indigene of Imo State is a political science degree holder from the prestigious University of Nigeria, Nsukka. In my academic sojourn at the department, I bonded with young scholars like Eze Kingsley Izuman, Ty Tunez Nwonye, Udy Smalls, Frank Obed, Oluchi Mbah, Essien Essien, Agwu Don Chijioke and many more that time and space wouldn’t permit me to mention.

One fact I have come to embrace about the Igbo man factor is that, there is this inherent spirit in every Igbo man that drives him to break unimaginable barriers and attain utmost height; be it in business, technology, medicine and other endeavors of life. The term ‘Igbo’ has become synonymous to success. And this urge to work hard in order to succeed has made an Igbo man to have more enemies than friends.

There is no country in Europe, America, Asia and Middle East you cannot find an Igbo person. We are all over the globe. You can find us in the boards of multi national corporations. Mention some of the inventors we have in the world, an Igbo man is there. You can also find us in the military institutions of the world powers like America, Israel, Germany, France and Britain. We are in top secret security organizations of the power brokers and we even constitute some of the tink-tanks that design and develop their military hardwares. Our success in all human endeavor speaks volume about our peculiarity.

On the 1st of August 2018, this journalist reported how Eze Kingsley who was serving under 1-5 FA battalion, fort Riley, in Kansas won the soldier of the month award after beating other contenders of the competition. Barely seven months to this achievement, he has once again won the award of NCO (Non Commission Officers) OF THE QUARTER AWARD on a BRIGADE level.

When this reporter contacted Eze Kingsley from his Bavaria military base and questioned him about the prerequisite for this award, he responded by saying, “you must be the best in physical fitness, best in leadership demonstration and also in military knowledge. He further added that, the contenders of this NCO competition usually face a top military panel and questions ranging from Army regulations, doctrines, mission command questions, war fighting functions and leadership questions were asked.

However, Eze Kingsley despite these rigorous processes emerged as the best in the competition. And as the overall winner of the NCO of the Quarter Award, he has been decorated with an Army commendation medal award.

A big congratulations to you, Eze Kingsley on this great achievement. It has always been your dream right from the day one. Continue to soar like an eagle in your career.

Congratulations once again!

© Kalu Nwokoro Idika is a political analyst, investigative and freelance journalist.


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