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How Nigerian military masterminded Zaria incident — Shiites deputy leader


The clamour for the release of the detained leader of the Shiites movement in Nigeria, Ayatollah Ibrahim Yaqoub El Zakzaky, took a frightening dimension recently with relentless nationwide protests by members of the Islamic sect.

AUGUSTINE OKEZIE, engaged the deputy leader of the movement, Sheikh Ya-aqup Yahaya Katsina, who has been standing in for El-Zakzaky since he was detained by the Federal Government in 2015, and he speaks about what lead to the clash between Nigerian military and Shiites in Zaria.

Your members had a misunderstanding with the Chief of Army Staff in Zaria the other time. Why couldn’t you prevent it before it happened?

“All I know, we Shi’ite members take steps. As people often say that the Chief of Army Staff was denied access road by our members in Kaduna, it is not true, because that is a road free to everyone.

“That incident was fully masterminded by the military, because there is even a military school there. So, when they arrived, they saw that we were busy. And as usual, we do our programmes at about 4, 7 or 8 pm, and sometimes, it takes us up to 10 pm to control the movement of people. In recognition of the fact that it is the main road, we tried to deploy some of our members to supervise and direct the motorists using the road, regardless whether you are a soldier, police officer or civilian.

“Nobody had complained. But on that faithful day since they already planned for it, they came along with their cameraman. And what’s more surprising was the presence of a white man in their convoy, inside a Sienna car. I wonder the kind of transaction that relates a white man with the Nigerian soldiers taking him up to Zaria? And also worthy of mention is that the military already planned to mix their people to camouflage as our members and achieve their target just to ignite violence.

“The situation later became worrisome. The crown prince of Saudi Arabia had earlier in the past one year and few months, through a media based in America, told the world what happened between Nigerian authorities and the members of IMN.

“He also informed the media of the directive by the Saudi Arabian government to bring down the strength and power of Iran in the African continents. He added in the interview that El-Zakzaky is trying to turn Nigeria into an Islamic state and that the Nigerian government is yet to deny this allegation. And and from that time to now, we are seeing some top government officials of Nigeria travelling to Saudi Arabia to receive orders. On the other hand, we are seeing members of Saudi government using governmental planes to journey to Aso Rock and Kano. In view of this, we have our evidence.

“We have the speech of Buhari at the United Arab Emirates where he said “We cannot run government in government”. I think it is better to bring this issue to authorities for investigation before it was forwarded to court for action. My Question for Buhari is: “But you went to another country telling all this. Do you mean that the country directed you to do so? As I said, we have our evidence.

They don’t have any reason against us.”

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