How We Gave N20,000 & Food Items To Everyone In 36 States — Minister

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The Federal Government has started the digitisation of payment of the Conditional Cash Transfer programme to the poor for accountability and transparency, according to the Minister of Humanitarian Affairs, Disaster Management and Social Development, Sadiya Umar Farouq.

The pilot programme, which is in six states of the federation, is in apparent response to the concerns of many Nigerians over the administration of the various programmes for the poor embarked upon by Buhari’s administration that had lately been engulfed in controversies.

The leadership of the National Assembly had asked for improvement, including legislation for effectiveness and inclusiveness.

Hajia Farouq, who is team leader in the provision of relief materials to the poor, the vulnerable and persons living with disabilities,  in the fight against COVID-19 pandemic, stated this in her state tours to Imo, Anambra, Lagos and Ogun states to check the  effectiveness of the Federal Government’s ongoing payment of N20,000 Conditional Cash Transfer programme.

The minister had earlier flagged off the programme and distributed relief materials in Kwali area council in the Federal Capital Territory, Abuja and was in Ihu, Ikeduru and Ihiala local government areas of Imo and Anambra states respectively.

She said her visit to the states was to inspect the CCT programme and carry out symbolic distribution of relief materials as well as meet stakeholders and beneficiaries.

“My visits are intended to inspect the programme, meet with various stakeholders  and beneficiaries. We want to continue to explain to the people how the programme works. The idea is to ensure accountability and transparency and assure them that the exercise is ongoing and continuous,’’ she said.

The minister disclosed that one of the steps taken by the ministry to ensure accountability and transparency was piloting digital payment in six states.

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She said:  “One of the priorities of the ministry is to digitise the payment of Conditional Cash Transfer programme for accountability and transparency. We will continue to expand the digitalisation.’’

In the same vein, the minister also presented relief materials on behalf of the Federal Government in all the states visited.

“In all the states I visited, I also presented relief materials on behalf of the Federal Government. In my interaction with governors, I implored the state governments to prioritise the poor, vulnerable and persons with disabilities as a result of COVID-19 pandemic.”

The minister, who commended the state governors for their commitment towards implementation of the CCT programme and distribution of relief materials, restated the Federal Government’s commitment to economically vulnerable and poor Nigerians.

She said: President Muhammadu Buhari is concerned about poor and vulnerable Nigerians. Our priority is to implement the president’s agenda of reaching out to ordinary Nigerians. And as a ministry, we remain committed to the poor, vulnerable and persons with disabilities.’’

  1. Persiin says

    Me and my entire household haven’t seen any thing of such since this lockdown.
    If u are not sure of something, then u better don’t speak of it.

  2. Hameed says

    Fear God ooo and you’re also a Human being like us with this big lie it is unfair if you’re thinking that we can’t do anything for you
    Remember the one who create us
    Over to Allah SWT 👆

  3. Adedeji says

    This is not true oooo. We didn’t see #20000 and the food item at Eputu, Ibeju lekki,Lagos state.

  4. Eberechukwu Oji says

    God will purnish all of you … eternal damnation awaits all of you

  5. Musa says

    Kiji soron allah

  6. John Chibuike says

    Government are use to say it every time

  7. Keji says

    Hummhh,which money are they sharing,I am yet to see anything. Even the less privileged around my area are yet to receive anything. Please give them because the rate of robbery is becoming high, God help us and put an end to this covid19

  8. Ofigo Comedian says

    That Means I’m not in this Country! FAKE NATION! FAKE LEADERS! THIEVES

  9. Joy says

    Who did they give the money to

  10. Muhammedoluomo Abdulraheem says

    May almighty ALLAH punish you and all liars until you do the right thing. So you can still lie about what matter most at this striving time

  11. Ali King Solomon says

    Ever since the start the sharing pin knot has never get to us here in lagos

  12. Garba Mohammed Bedi says

    Haba Hon Minister, yaushe dare yayi na rashin ganin tafin hannu ? “Everyone in 36 Statese ? Aji tsoron Allah, don za’ayi bayani agabanshi.

  13. Babatunde adewale says

    You this woman’s that said you share money and food for 36state you die by ultimately died by God grace for this lie you are lie God will punishment ur generation Amen

    1. Babatunde adewale says

      God is looking at everybody in this country

  14. Grace says

    Usless lies, is only God dat will judge u, see dis people with ur heavy lies, u tell people to sit at home without making any provisions for wat thy will eat, angry thunder of God will strike all ur generations..i know and believe u guys will never go unpunished

  15. Rukayat says

    I personally did not get anything, and so is everyone in my street at ajao road surulere here.

  16. Solomon T Chunku says

    Is a nice step . Our families are in Denver of life. Assist us to assist our teaming supporters through 6016196801 keystone bank

  17. Solomon T Chunku says

    A good step taken. Our teaming supporters and families are in Denver of life. Assist us through this 6016196801 keystone bank. Solomon T Chunku

  18. Solomon T Chunku says

    A good step taken. Our teaming supporters and families are in Denger of life. Assist us through this 6016196801 keystone bank. Solomon T Chunku

  19. Okunlola Ridwan says

    Please am a student, I use daily job to feed myself and pay my school fees, but due to the lockdown no work and av exhausted my money please help me ooo
    GT Bank
    Okunlola Ridwan

  20. Philbest says

    Hajia Farouq is disillusioned and a liar. Not enough without proof but publish names and amount given. You just do not give out cash without transparency. This woman is a thief.

  21. Ebiedisemi Feubodei says

    Why is this lady lieing. Is she not a woman a mother she as shown that she & this so called administration are all fruads no one as benefited any thing in cash or in kind here in lagos. let the decimation of the cash be done via BVN. GOD Is wachting you all

  22. Abdulsalam says

    Ogun go kill u with this your big lie where na for share the money and which people una give how na take give them in my community where we have 3000 plus houses 3 bags of rice and only five catoon of spaghetti was brought to share for all the community and they were taking pictures of people who gather there even those who don’t see I single seed of rice to send as evidence to government that they share money and food or a big fucking like Na God go punish anybody among una way say him share money again even self God to dey delay na Sango ogun esu obatala osun go kill una and una family

  23. Samuel says

    Fat lies……………
    See how pathetic and greedy human beings can be……
    Nah una know who and who una give 20 thousand and food items.
    God bless u all.

  24. Sadiya ndanusa amako says

    All this is a liar we didn’t witness anything like that here in my local government area kwali and even do is there no one share some things like that for us.

  25. Jewel says

    The minister should stop telling lies. Which 36 states in nigeria did she shared money to? Even in this critical time,you still have the mind to lie? Madam you are doing yourself. Not nigerians. I pray this virus doesnt come to your family.

  26. seyi says

    Naija na sca . Food wey no rea

  27. Aisha Abubakar says

    Big lie we didn’t receive anything 😏😏😏🤨🤨 u are there deceiving ur self,God is watching

  28. Greenlife says

    Stop saying that you gave out food stuff to people
    For me nothing at all una b scam
    God will judge you for this mark my word

  29. Mohammed abbah jilani says

    Some times nigeria governme tell us what whatever the want to said we out fering god

  30. Elizabeth olusola says

    How many rich people do govt know
    Are we senators and reps members,
    Are we governors etc
    More than 90% of Nigerians are poor, now tell me those you distributed money to.
    If you don’t want Carma to work more than corona virus you better do the needful.

    People are hungry we don’t sleep again in obawole, ha run a angle egba Bcos of 1m boys that are terrorizing people and you said you know the poor. God will have mercy

  31. Yop Balang says

    I haven’t met soul that have received food or money.

  32. Effiong says

    Who una give money. You people eat the money meant for the massies

  33. Goody says

    Buhari third wife u must be a fool for this.
    No #5 no even a sachet of water
    Stop playing this politic.

  34. Olatunji says

    Na thunder go fire u ,who are those u transfer the money to? Their names and address.Although they are ghost

  35. Thelma says

    Bloody liar. To think u r a woman, is d most heart breaking of all. Don’t u have children n poor ppl around u. Wicked woman

  36. Joyce Chukwu says

    Is Kwali the only place in FCT that has poor people? Haven’t you heard of Gwagwa, Karmo etc… Or you guys are only concerned about the Northerns, People in other Rural parts of the FCT are suffering badly because of poverty or maybe the Government thinks everyone in Abuja is Rich, the federal government should look into this. People in Abuja are suffering because of this lockdown.

  37. Tunde Adeyemi says

    Nobody can deceive me as a person, I don’t think you are even ready to help this poor masses, I know I don’t have but yet am not begging you people… I don’t trust in you guys right from day 1…keep deceiving and killing the masses with lies… God dry, judgement awaits everyone

  38. Iyiola Yusuf Olabisi says

    Who did you give 20,000 to in osun state haaa this woman fear 😱 God ooo, ou lock 🔒 down 👇 southwest and you are distribute money 💵 in Northern part of Nigeria 🇳🇬 why

  39. Ahamad Tijani Yusuf says

    Bunch of lies, Buhari government na waoooo

  40. Eze Esther says

    In your dreams, God will punish you people

  41. Omoluru Godstime says

    I didn’t not see anything
    Here is my bank account
    Omoluru Osaro
    First bank

  42. Oluwatoyin says

    This is not too fair at all , there are so many poor people in Nigeria. For example I have ladies that are single mothers looking for ways to take care of themselves before lockdown now that there is lockdown. only God knows how they will survive this.

  43. Shaikh says

    You did not and cannot give “everyone” 20k + food items in 36 States. Pls, atleast be generous with your lies. You all shall be called to account not only here on earth, but also in the hereafter. People are dying of hunger and disease, while you are rubbing it in with pack of lies.

  44. Ayebaiduatef says

    Let this money should get to every one

  45. Ikotun Oluwasegun says

    When will this stop fooling themselves and stop lying in the public
    If truly you have started giving cash to people we should be hearing the news by now on social media.
    President is concerned about vulnerable what about youth, what about those that did not get their salary. Some collected half salary. What about those in Lagos that depends on daily pay and the percentage is higher than those that work for a salary.
    With the money donated alone is enough to go round everybody in this country.
    There is God in heaven that will judge every intent and punish everyone who makes people suffer.
    Let all political leaders in power prepare for the wrath of God, only those that do good will be saved.

  46. Uyameda Betty says

    Ma, I have not received anything, cash or food stuff from the FG or State or anybody so to say. I am a 56 years old retiree woman from Delta State of Nigeria. All I hear and see are some people carrying things and money being shared to people. Am I not a Nigerian? A good citizen that has served this nation before retirement from Delta Steel Company, Aladja. Why have I not gotten any thing? The lockdown is affecting me too. It’s so sad to see others enjoying what is meant for all of us and you are not included. Plz, do something fast for me and others like me in this situation. Thank you ma.

  47. Dagogo Henry says

    This country is sick. Especially, the leaders whom i believe are ritualist.

  48. Temitope says

    Sorry in which state, hope lagos state is not among ooooooo . We been home for seven weeks now no food no money . U dont think about old people .no problem. God is see u all

  49. Niky Heli Mjd says

    You will soon die like Abba Kyari
    Nonsense talk

  50. Tajuddeen Adamu says

    u con say olwys u re trying 2 pay us 20,000 but still nt,dont think dt wll be d way dt people wll be aquazing of dix govmment,better do wt wll be d solution 2 our 9ja peoples bcux we re in some haw situiation bye

  51. God is coming once again says

    Is this part of craziness of covid-19 issues in Nigeria. I am asking that which part of the states under 36 states in Nigeria did you bad people distributed a sum of #20,000. We know much about the rotten food items you bad people has been given across the 36 states in Nigeria. You’re all local Scammer!! I prays that heaven will not meet you and your entire family hoods.

  52. Isa abdullahi says

    I am praying for good change in Nigeria and Leaders

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