India’s Six-Week Lockdown Extended For Another 2 Weeks

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India’s six-week coronavirus lockdown, which was supposed to end on Monday, has been extended for another two weeks, with a few relaxations such as construction resuming and self-employed people returning to work in New Delhi.

The government has identified three zones: “red,” or areas that have been coronavirus hotspots, “orange,” where some cases have been found, and “green,” or low-risk areas. Stricter measures will continue in red and orange zones, while some movement of people and most economic activities will be allowed in green zones.

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Although the number of red zones has dipped since the lockdown started, the number of green zones has also declined. Most of India’s major cities, including New Delhi and Mumbai, remain red zones.

Locking down the country’s 1.3 billion people has cost millions of jobs and upended lives, especially of India’s poor.

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