Insecurity: ‘National Assembly No Longer Safe’ — Lawmaker

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Unknown persons broke into the office of Benjamin Kalu, member of the house of representatives from Abia state, while the lawmaker was away from office.

Kalu, who is the spokesperson of the house, said the burglary was discovered on Tuesday after he and his aides arrived at the National Assembly Complex for the day’s plenary session.

The lawmakers had gone on recess because of the COVID-19 pandemic, and now sit only on Tuesdays.

Kalu described the situation as shocking, lamenting that the National Assembly Complex is “no longer safe”.

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“It is actually surprising to see that somebody broke into my office. We are still trying to assess (the situation) to know what the intention of breaking into my office was,” he told journalists at the complex.

“Was it to take an important document out or to check if we are leaving money or any valuables in the office, or to plant any security or spying device?

“Honestly, I don’t know but I have asked my aides to register it with the sergeant-at-arms. It is scary to come into your office and find this.”

He said the burglary is one of the consequences of COVID-19, and that it never happened when the lawmakers were always around before they shut down.

“We can’t pin it down, whether it was just breaking in for stealing or breaking in to spy on what the national assembly is doing through my office,” Kalu said, adding: “But whatever it is, I am sure the security agencies will get to the root of it. The National Assembly is no longer safe.”

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