Kanu React As Army Allegedly Uncover Militants’ Hideout In Rivers

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Leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra, Nnamdi Kanu, has faulted the alleged discovery of the militants’ hideout and the recovery of weapons by the Nigerian army in Rivers state.

Kanu asked why the military is not looking for Fulani herdsmen camps despite the crimes and killings perpetrated by the terrorists, but rather persecuting militants.

“Fulani Jihadi Army or Nigerian Army as some ignorant and roundly idiotic #ZooAnimals refer to them, are busy looking for militant camps and not Fulani camps. Simply clearing the way for their fellow Janjaweed Fulani terrorist to flood into our land unrestricted- to ABDUCT, RAPE, KILL & CONQUER with ease.

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“I say to all of you demented souls in Yoruba gutter media supporting this rogue regime and the morons that ignorantly refer to themselves as South South/Niger Delta; can you see where your years of subservience to the Janjaweed and betrayal of your own people has led us to? Fulani soldiers serving in the Nigerian Army are openly helping their fellow Fulani terrorists conquer your land to spread their primitive version of Islam and terrorism and you are not ashamed to say you are a Nigerian. Shame on all of you! Shame! Shame!! Shame!!!,” the IPOB leader said in a statement on Monday.

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