Kanu Reacts To The Latest Attack And Killing In Southern Kaduna

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Leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, has condemned Wednesdayʼs attack on Tudun Doka community by Fulani herdsmen.

Nine persons, mostly women and children, were hacked to death with machetes.

In a statement published on his Facebook page, the IPOB leader said;


“The greatest geo-political fraud in Nigeria is the tagging of the noble Hausa race to the ravenous Fulani to create the equally lugubrious Hausa-Fulani ethnicity. Consider this breaking news below: 👇🏽

News Report: Fulani Herdsmen Invade Southern Kaduna Community, Hack Women, Children To Death (pictures below)

According to one of the victims, “We were just waking up when the herdsmen came around 5am. They came with weapons and started chopping people to death.”

Fulani has been killing Hausa and other ethnic minorities in the far north since 1804 yet they foolishly cling on to one Nigeria.

“This is Fulani Janjaweed atrocity at its inglorious best against peaceful indigenous Hausa and other ethnic groups that make up Southern Kaduna. If there is anything like Hausa-Fulani, why is it that Fulani always kill Hausa people? Why?


“This is a lesson for all those, especially Yoruba and RUGA communities in Biafra, that think Fulani will ever stop slaughtering them. The same way Hausa peasants naively welcomed their Fulani visitors who later dominated and turned them into their slaves is how it shall be in the south in the next 47 years. Fulani loves killing people and they will never ever stop. Long suffering Hausa people is a prime example.

“The time has come to expel bloodsucking Fulani Janjaweed from our lands.”

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