Man Registers His Business As ‘BIAFRA GROCERʼ In Malaysia

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A member of the Indigenous People Of Biafra residing I Malaysia has taken BIAFRA struggle to another dimension as he used BIAFRA to register his business.

This, he specifically did to make the consciousness of Biafra engraved on the psyche of the Malaysian Government.
This Biafran registered his Business as BIAFRA GROCER, a store where he will be selling all kinds of African Groceries.

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Many members of the Indigenous People Of BIAFRA in Malaysia went with him, at the commencement of the installation of the sign post, which has the Biafran colourized map in the middle, with the tricolor of Green,Red and Black, then with the Golden eleven sun rays of a rising sun.

The Biafran whose name is Demiliki Oleh, registered his business with the government of Malaysia.

When IPOB Lagos Media investigated, it was gathered that the registration number, which is No LESEN MPSJ: MPSJ/LES/600/03/03384-20, was fully authorized and approved.

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According to an IPOB member who went and videoed the decorations and the building up of the shop of Mazi Chidiebere, the registration of this business was never an easy one, because the agency incharge tried to deny the business man the right, but the Biafran, as is very characteristic of Biafrans, refused to give up, and continued to pushed harder, till his wish was granted.


source: Mazi Chukwudi Okeke

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