Miyetti Allah Threatens To Stop Members From Supplying Cattle To South

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Bauchi State branch of Miyyeti Allah Cattle Breeders Association of Nigeria (MACBAN) has threatened to stop its members from selling and supplying cattle to the south of the country, if the planned eviction of the Fulani herders by some state governors comes to stay.

It has also threatened to drag Benue Governor Samuel Ortom to court if he fails to withdraw statements he made labelling Fulani herders.

State Chairman of MACBAN Abubakar Sadiq told a press conference in Bauchi, “Unless he immediately withdraws his statement, it will be left with no option other than legal means to clear the name of Fulani as an ethnic group.”

He said the persecution being faced by Fulani herders started with Benue’s anti-open grazing law.

“Although the law did not succeed but it has created problems for the herders,” he said.

“People must be fair to the Fulani race, they should not be branded as criminals. Government at all levels should create a conducive atmosphere for the Fulani and others to do their legitimate businesses without molestation and castigation. We are all Nigerians and must be treated equally as such,” he said.

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