Nigeria: Bishop Kukah Spits Another Fire Despite Threats From Northern Groups

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The Catholic Bishop of Sokoto, Most Revd. Matthew Kukah, has continued his criticism of the Federal Government over the state of the nation, stating that the security and welfare of the citizens are government’s responsibilities, while the priest is a watchman, Vanguard reports.

The cleric called on Nigerians to reject bad governance and insist on the equitable use of the resources for the good of all.

Kukah spoke while delivering a sermon entitled ‘A Nation in Search of its Soul,’ at the wake keep Mass for His Grace, Archbishop Peter Jatau at St. Joseph’s Catholic Cathedral, Kaduna.

Despite the Federal Government’s warnings and rejection of the claims in his Christmas Day message, Bishop Kukah insisted that he would continue to speak out against misrule by those who preside over the affairs of the nation.

Bishop Kukah said: “The duty and responsibility of government is the security and welfare of its citizens.

“The Priest is a watchman; one whose duty is to watch over the city and to raise his voice whenever he cites danger. He calls on those who lead to remain faithful to their duties.

“Our duty (as Nigerians) is to reject the notion of corrupt governments that, somehow, the Lord has not provided for every society.

“When they call for us to tighten our belts because there is a recession, that oil prices have fallen, that there are problems with the balance of payments and so on, the Priest at the duty post must say what he can see;

“That when those who preside over the affairs issue a bad check, it must be resisted; that when they pretend that the society faces bankruptcy, or that there are insufficient funds, we must reject these and insist on the equitable use of the resources for the common good of all.”

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