Nigeria Fighting Insecurity With Polluted Presidency And Service Chiefs

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Both Boko Haram terrorists and the military are after Borno Governor for speaking out against the conspiracy theo ries surrounding Boko Haram.

The Country security architecture is polluted, neither Buhari nor Barutai is helpful to the current challenges.

The International Community must help to rescue our deteriorated security from these political adventurers.

Our security architecture is now in the hands of political buccaneers, with the burden of pretentious recantation and their borrowed robes.
Like a dancer before the mirror, Buhari and his Service Chiefs are enjoying security budgets all alone.

The current sabotage bedeviling the security apparatus is very very alarming.

Our wobbling and rickety Buhari
democracy is only encouraging every Nigerian to always be prepared to defend themselves, the current security forces as presently constituted would not protect anyone in the recurring looming battles.

It is difficult to flog Nigerians with poor policies, failed and woefully government deceitfulness and still suppress their outcries.

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IMO State Coordinator.

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