Nigeria Is A Failed State

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If you doubt this, please Google ‘failed states index’ or ‘fragile states index’, Nigeria is in the alert group at number 14. Even war-torn Libya is classified as better than Nigeria at number 28.

Why is Nigeria classified as a failed state? Because nothing works in Nigeria. No roads, no constant electricity, no good hospitals, no pipe-borne water, no social security, no safety nets for the poor, 30 million almajiri beggars, millions of out of school children, failure to eradicate polio, Boko haram, Fulani herdsmen etc. The list of negatives in Nigeria are unending.

If you have a heart attack right now in Nigeria, do you have common government free ambulance to take you to a nearby hospital for treatment? No! But in many countries, healthcare is free for all citizens.

Strangely, the citizens of Nigeria would be the first to attack and even kill anyone who attempts to fix Nigeria. No wonder IPOB refers to this disorganized country as a zoo.

Recently, I posted about Turkey and some people were saying that Turkey is an old civilisation and that’s why it is developed.

How about Singapore, Malaysia, the UAE, Kuwait, Qatar and South Korea? Are they also old civilisation?

Singapore gained independence in 1965. Malaysia gained independence in 1957. The UAE (Dubai etc) gained independence in 1971. Kuwait gained independence in 1961. Qatar gained independence in 1971. South Korea gained independence in 1948.

Nigeria gained independence in 1960; before most of the above mentioned nations.

Malaysia is rich today from palm oil, which they actually got from Nigeria in the 60s.

As Nigerians often look for reasons to explain away their failed nature, they’ll come here to say that it is because these mentioned nations are small in sizes. But is this not what Biafrans have been fighting for since 1967? To break ourselves into smaller and more manageable entities?

An average black man is not known to manage colossal projects adequately.

I, Dr Maduka C Ogwueleka have travelled to over 40 countries (made possible because I have a British passport): I can tell you for free that Nigeria is the worst place I have seen. Nigeria is one of the worst places to live on earth.

I want Biafra so that we to start afresh in a new nation. I want my people to also enjoy the things that I am enjoying abroad. The suffering in Nigeria dey too much.

Nigerians are not living. Nigerians are simply existing.

Oh God, who will open their eyes?

— Dr Maduka C Ogwueleka MBBS, MRCP(UK)

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