Nigeria: President Reacts To Kanu’s Alleged ‘Buhari’s Impostor’

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​President Muhammadu Buhari or Jubril has finally reacted to reports that he’s “deceased” Buhari’s impostor.

The Personal Assistant to the President on New Media, Bashir Ahmad, said in a Twitter post that Buhari, while addressing Nigerians in Poland, said some people had wished him dead when he was sick for many months.

The tweet read, “A lot of people hoped that I died during my ill health. It is real me… I will soon celebrate my 76th birthday and I will still go strong. — President @MBuhari this evening in Kraków, Poland. His response to a question of him being cloned.”

  1. Garell says

    Let Buhari/Jubril remove his cap and tell his gullible listeners how he became shorter than Saraki

  2. nnaemeka christian says

    all i pray is for God to bless nigeria

  3. Ero Ugwu Oke says

    Real Buhari Is Dead

  4. uju says

    Many people wants to see his DNA

  5. Divine says

    Good plss let ur will be done in dis country

  6. Mayrock says

    Whther is is Jubril, Buhari or whoever that is occupying the presidential throne at Aso Rock,let them wake up to their vulnerabilities Nigerians are not satisfied with what’s going on here. We are totally and completely fade up with the government of the elderly.

  7. Nwoke justice says

    All i want is biafra. our referedum is much more important to igboland. d world should listen to our cry

  8. Hilarry Okafor says

    All i can say is that , something is typically wrong in Asrock . I stand On Biafra my only Land !

  9. Chief Akunne says

    Pls could some one convince me why Buhari will not address all Nigerians and do all those things Nnamdi asked him to do. If he came out to be clean, l believe the whole Nigeria will trust him more and thru more of their support to him, expecialy during this election time. He knows he is not clean and ready to rig the election that was he never care to do all that. Anyway l blame all those National assembly. They are all cowards and big fools. Oooh l wept for Nigeria. A funny country with funny people doing funny things indeed.

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