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Nigerian International Passports and Herders Cows


The day you lose your dignity as a man that is the actual date you died and political patronage and correctness will accelerate this date. In this subject matter, I am still shocked seeing those trying to justify the inclusion of the Herdsmen and their Cows in a page of the new Nigerian International passport.

Majority of them are bringing pages of the passport booklet and displaying people and cultures of various Nigerian ethnic groups. However, they failed to tell you that the new passport has pages for people and culture of Hausa and Fulani people respectively.

The concern of Nigerians and insult around this development is the addition of the terrorist Herdsmen that killed over 26,000 Nigerians in the last 4 years according to government records and their destructive Cows in our travelling document.

This has nothing to do with Nigerian Fulanis as they are also victims of these imported Militias or any other law-abiding group and people in Nigeria.

The current Herdsmen and their cows depict bloodbath, death, ethnic cleansing, Land Grabbing, and a symbol of occupation and new colonisation game-plan. They mean everything evil to ordinary Nigerian and must be expunged from our system and institutions.

Now that you know that the Nigerian Fulanis have a page dedicated to them in the new passport, do you still have a defence for the inclusion of the 4th deadliest terror group in the world in your travelling document? Or do you want President Buhari to assign pages to Boko Haram and their flags, ISWAP, the Bandits, as that may be seen as inclusiveness in your own understanding?.

The US has cattle in their passport and their herders and animals represent wealth, peace, harmony, mutual co-existence and have no record of incursion into other people’s properties, Land grabbing or bloody attacks. Their farmers are the pride of their country and the Nigerian Herdsmen are the opposite.

The terrorists Herdsmen and their cows must be effaced from our passport. The government’s agenda of RUGA/NLTP is evil and deliberate plan to settle imported Bandits in lands abandoned by their victims in Benue, Zamfara, southern Kaduna, Taraba, Nasarawa, Adamawa, Plateau states before pushing the occupation agenda to the South and wider Middlebelt.

Using killers as the face of Nigeria and their pictures and symbols in our travelling document is ridiculous and absurd. This is not about your politics but rescuing our threatened dignity and sanity.

© Chidi Cali

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