Nnamdi Kanu Will Soon Ask IPOB Members To Forget About Biafra — Igbokwe

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The former publicity secretary of Lagos State All Progressives Congress (APC) chapter, Joe Igbokwe, has claimed that Mazi Nnamdi Kanu the leader of Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) will soon ask his followers to abandon Biafra.

Igbokwe said that asking IPOB members to stop “insulting” leaders of South-East whom Igbos said has failed them, is an indication that Kanu is getting back to his senses.

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According to a media report, the controversial anti-Igbo critic said;

“Nnamdi Kanu finally asked his followers to stop insulting Igbo elders and the Eastern governors. He’s getting back to his senses gradually, soon he will also asked them to forget about Biafra and apologize for causing confusion in their fatherland Nigeria.

“Most of these gullible youths being deceived by Kanu do not see what we their elders have seen that made most of us believe that Biafra can never be achieved by Nnamdi Kanu. He may only try as he is doing, but it’s obvious that he will end up achieving nothing.

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“Nnamdi Kanu has portrayed ndi Igbo in bad light before the Nigeria people and the world in general through his unguided speeches on his called Radio Biafra.

“We have our legs crossed, waiting for the day, he will also ask his followers to drop the Biafra agitation and embrace one Nigeria because it must surely happen.

“Nigeria one nation bound in freedom, peace and Unity”.

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