Report: 8 Out Of 16 Persons Infected With COVID-19 Recovers In Ghana

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Eight out of the 16 coronavirus infected persons in the country have recovered, Ghana Web reports.

This is according to statistics from worldometer. Worldometer is an international team of developers, researchers, and volunteers with the goal of making world statistics available in a thought-provoking and time relevant format to a wide audience around the world.

Ghana confirmed five new COVID-9 cases on 19th March 2020, increasing the total number of recorded cases to 16.

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All five new cases were reported from the Greater Accra Region.

Ghana announced its first two cases of COVID-19 on 12 March, 2020.

The confirmed cases of the Coronavirusincreased to six on Saturday, March 14, 2020, and then surged to seven on 17 March.

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The cases, however, increased to 16 on 19th March.

Government has, as a result, placed a ban on all social gatherings including festivals, church and mosque services, funerals, conferences and others to prevent the spread of the disease.

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