South-East govs have nowhere to hid abroad, we’ll hunt them — IPOB

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The Indigenous People Of Biafra, IPOB, has responded to the assertion by South-East governors that the group have no capacity to hunt them down abroad for confrontation.

In an interview with the PUNCH NEWSPAPER, IPOB spokesman, Emma Powerful described their assertion as laughable, adding that they are in panic mood.

“You see, as I indicated earlier they are quaking in their boots, they are jittery and in panic mode,” he said.

IPOB said that the South-East governors have nowhere to hid because IPOB, being the largest movement in the world, have members in more than 100 countries in the world.

“IPOB is the largest active mass movement on this earth, with presence in more than 100 countries of world. Where would these corrupt politicians hide? We are effectively the largest freedom fighting movement in morden history so we have the reach, the intelligence and fanaticism to hunt them down.

“To cut the narrative short, simply ask the South East governors why they are jittery and panicky if they are not afraid of IPOB? We know how to handle them, we are waiting and if any of our red lines are crossed, we shall deal with them in line with our publicly avowed pronouncement and directive.

“Keep your ears on the ground and you will surely confirm the fulfillment of this pronouncements on the South East governors.”

Responding to what really is their anger with the South-East governors, the group said: “Our anger is simple. The political class has betrayed and eroded the confidence of the people in the political process and have ganged up against the masses they ought to be protecting; they have looted the treasury dry, built political and economic capitals for themselves and their children while destroying the chances of survival of the vulnerable masses.

“People are being slaughtered like animals everyday, even today in Enugu (Ekweremadu’s state) a pregnant mother was raped and butchered to death by Fulani terror herdsmen and no genuine affort has been made or is being made to stop the known killers who are being sponsored by the state. Put bluntly, blood of the innocent has been spilled through their acquiescence and in most cases as a consequence of their complicit silence.

“We want to let you know that people are angry and unless they meet our demands, we are not going to back down.”

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