There Is Nothing Wrong In Killing Christians — Egyptian Imam

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In a statement uploaded to his personal YouTube channel Egyptian Muslim cleric, living in Turkey, Wagdi Ghoneim ranted against Coptic Egyptians in the wake of the slaughter of 21 Copts in Libya by ISIS. Ghoneim accused the Copts of staging a coup against former Egyptian President Morsi, and stated that “treachery runs in their blood.”

Christians in Egypt are facing brutal persecution by Islamic terrorist organizations such as ISIS and Hamas.

Over the past decade hundreds of Christians in Egypt have been murdered, thousands injured and hundreds of churches were burned to the ground.

Why doesn’t the world seem to care when Christians die?
Why is it that When Christians are murdered and persecuted en masse, no one seems to care — not even other Christians?
Where are all the human rights organizations of the UN? Where are all human rights organizations in the West? Please pray for the Christian minorities in the Muslim world.

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