US, UK, Others To Ban Nigerian Govt Officials Over Killing Of IPOB Members

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Following the gruesome massacres of the indigenous people of Biafra, who are Igbo youths on Sunday in Emene Nike, Enugu state, Eastern Nigeria .

The World Igbo Congress, WIC, has demand that travel ban be placed on government officials who supervised the mayhem.

According to the Public Relations Officer of WIC, Hon Basil Onwukwe, “the lives of Christians in Nigeria matter.

We demand a traveling ban to all government officials in Nigeria who have been involved in the killing of Christians and unarmed assembled youths anywhere in the country.”

Onwukwe said that WIC was alarmed on the continued killings of unarmed Igbo Christian youths, noting that “the recent Sunday morning massacre of Igbo Christian Youths in  Enugu at Keystone Station was a deliberate, usual Islamic radicals’ agenda, coordinated by their folks in government and military that routinely look away when this purposeful terrorism takes place in Igbo region.”

In a statement, on Thursday August 27, 2020, called on President Muhammadu Buhari-led federal government of Nigeria and Enugu state government led by Governor Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi to explain to the world why the lives of Christians in their domain were never protected.

WIC said: “The government has resolved to intimidate and scare indigenes from protesting for the abysmally failed economy and the absurdness of failed leadership. Thus, the freedom of assembly becomes a crime while the cronies continue to run the nation to the ground.

“The same Nigeria security watches in acquiescence, the daylight mayhem unleashed by Boko Haram terrorists and their agents without combating them; but carelessly, the peaceful assembly of Christians in a Sunday morning attracted joint military assault, only in the Christian region of Igbo land.

“The gruesome killing of unarmed Igbo youths in Enugu State by combined forces of the Army, DSS, SARS, and the Police forces is unacceptable.

This is an unwholesome act perpetrated by security agents and the Eastern State Governors have been unperturbed.

“If the Governors decide to abandon the basic responsibility of protecting the lives and property of our people, we must demand that everyone start to protect themselves and overcome the present siege in our homeland. Self-protection, anywhere in the world is not a crime.”

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